The New SigP365-380 /The ULTIMATE Micro-Compact Pistol?

The New SigP365-380 /The ULTIMATE Micro-Compact Pistol?

The number #1 selling micro-compact pistol over the past several years has been the Sig P365 9mm. Sig announced today that they will be releasing the P365-380 which has all the same features as the original but will be easier handling, softer shooting with less felt recoil adding yet another option to the everyday carry market.

The new P365-380 will use the same fire control unit, grip module as the original P365 with a lightened slide and barrel allowing you to use the same identical holster for both the 9mm and the .380. The new P365-380 feature a redesigned two-piece guide rod, DLC barrel and a Nitron finished stainless slide. The new P365-380 was designed for all shooters with a special emphasis towards those who may have smaller hands or may have had an issue with the recoil from a 9mm.

Since the P365-380 has the same grip module and fire control unit all the accessories you may have purchased for the original P365 are interchangeable such as XSeries grip modules, Foxtrot lights, flat triggers etc. In addition, the P365-380 uses SIGLIGHT night sights to allow you to acquire your target in all lighting conditions. The slide on the P365-380 optic cut compatible which allows you to mount a ROMEOZero Elite or any other optic with the same footprint. Included are two 10 round magazines 1 that is flush fit and one that is an extended mag. It appears Sig has created the ultimate micro-compact pistol considering that the P365-380 will take less racking force, has less recoil, and comes with all the above features.


Nitron® finished optic-ready slide

Shared FCU and grip module with P365 9mm

Less recoil and reduced racking force

Accessory rail

(2) 10rd magazines w/ mag loader

** PLEASE NOTE ** The P365-380 fits all standard P365 holsters.


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