​Affordable not Cheap: 10 Reasons to own a Hi Point 995TS 9mm Carbine

​Affordable not Cheap: 10 Reasons to own a Hi Point 995TS 9mm Carbine


If you think carbines that chamber pistol cartridges are radical and new in firearm design, consider that this idea started in the early 1800’s. The Winchester 1873 is a great example. As settlers crossed our nation, they needed to cut weight and space. Supplies thinned as they headed west and therefore it made sense to have a rifle in the same caliber as their pistol.  


The designers at Hi Point took note of the practicality and designed the Model 995 which was introduced in the 1990’s. This blowback operated 9mm took the market by storm and is still sold to this day. In 2009, Hi Point introduced the Model 995TS which features an improved stock and a last round hold open feature.

The Hi Point 995TS 9mm carbine is a go anywhere working man’s rifle. These reliable rifles carry a lifetime warranty and are made right here in the USA. Made for serious hard work and with less emphasis on eye appeal the Hi Point 995TS can be bought for less than $300. For those wondering what the TS stands for it is Tactical Stock. Below are 10 reasons you should consider adding one or more of these industrial grade Hi Point 995TS rifles to your arsenal.

  • Hi Point firearms are 100% American made including parts and assembly. Hi Point has been manufacturing firearms for 30+ years.
  • Hi Point offers a Lifetime warranty regardless of the number of owners for a firearm. Matter of fact, Hi Point features a “No questions asked” policy.
  • You can buy 2 or 3 Hi Point rifles and ammo for the price of a single rifle manufactured by the so called brand name companies.
  • With an overall length of just 31” and all-weather, black, or hydro-dipped molded polymer stock you can throw this rifle in your pickup, farm tractor, car trunk or toolbox.
  • The Hi Point 995TS has multiple Picatinny rails allowing you to mount lights, lasers, scopes, red dots and just about anything else.
  • The Hi Point 995TS has a spring-loaded recoil pad which makes shooting this firearm comfortable to shoot for most everyone.
  • At less than $300 for the Hi Point 995TS you will not cringe at scratches, and you will not be hesitant to carry the Rifle in less than desirable conditions.
  • The simplicity of the Hi Point 995TS makes it an ideal firearm for a beginner.
  • The Hi Point 995TS is just flat out fun to shoot!
  • All Hi Point carbines are rated +P which means they can fire all factory ammunition.


While we acknowledge that Hi Point does not make shiny pretty guns it is hard to argue that when looked at as a tool Hi Point does offer a lot of value to the budget minded consumer. Last time we checked a bullet fired from a Hi Point 995TS it traveled at the same speed as one fired from a far more expensive gun.


Barrel length: 16.5" or 19"

Weight: 6.25 lbs.

Capacity: 10-shot magazine standard

Overall length: 31" or 34"

Sights: Fully-adjustable

Stock: All-weather, black or hydro-dipped molded polymer depending on model

Threaded 1/2 x 28 barrel standard

Thumb magazine release

All-weather, polymer skeletonized stock

100% American-made parts and assembly

FREE trigger lock, sling and swivels

10-round magazine (not interchangeable with C9)

Internal recoil buffer in stock

Last round lock open

Picatinny rails

Model 995 19" is available in the US and Canada

Fully adjustable sights (rear peep & post front)

Manual safety

Hi Point 995TS


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