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Posted by Kip Adams on Jan 30th 2023

NDA’s Deer Report Finds 88% of the U.S. Whitetail Harvest Occurs on Private Land

White-tailed deer are the most important game species in North America. More hunters pursue whitetails than any othe…

Posted by Cory Ross on Jan 18th 2023

State of the Industry: 2022

As 2022 has closed and we are amidst in 2023, we at Venture Out want to take the time to reflect on the past year and…

Posted by Cory Ross on Jan 5th 2023

Continuing a Classic: Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18X44

The Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25X56 has been an undoubtedly popular option for shooters since its release in early 2020.…

Posted by Cory Ross on Dec 27th 2022

Road to PRS: Gearing Up for a Match

Prep for a PRS match is stressful. Especially for one that is farther away. If you forget something, you do without o…

Posted by Cory Ross on Dec 13th 2022

Road to PRS: After Action Report

Whoa. That was the prominent thought in my head after finishing a regional PRS match at MKM Precision. I felt exhaust…

Posted by Cory Ross on Dec 6th 2022

A New Member to the Legion: Sig Sauer P320X5 DH3

The phrase innovate or die is a common mantra in the manufacturing world. A company’s survival is dependent on infusi…

Posted by Cory Ross on Nov 30th 2022

Road to PRS: We are Talking About Practice

In the post-Covid world, times are tough. Inflation is soaring, gas prices have peaked, and ammo is still expensive a…

Posted by Cory Ross on Nov 16th 2022

Road to PRS: Divisions and Setup

Precision Rifle Series, like many competitive sports, is broken down into various divisions to help level the playing…

Posted by Cory Ross on Nov 9th 2022

Road to PRS: a Journey

Even in times of high inflation, the unnerving price of ammunition, and gasoline that’s pushing north of $4 a gallon,…