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Posted by Michael Bane on Jun 6th 2023

The End of the World as We Know It…and We’re Not Fine

“I ain't complaining Just matter of fact And a little suspicious That the de…

Posted by Cory Ross on May 29th 2023

Memorial Day: A Day of Remembrance, Not Thanks

In the book of Judges, God commands Gideon, a man of no social standing, to lead an army against the Eastern tribes t…

Posted by Cory Ross on May 23rd 2023

New Release: S&W Performance Center M&P M2.0 10mm

The venerable Smith & Wesson M&P pistol lineup just got a whole lot meaner. Big Blue originally added the sup…

Posted by Cory Ross on May 4th 2023

Sig Continues: P210 Carry Custom Works

A new week, and another new Sig handgun. This week Sig Sauer has gone back to their Custom Works line to unveil its n…

Posted by Cory Ross on Apr 27th 2023

The Latest Sig Sauer Macro

A week has passed since the latest infusion of new products by Sig Sauer. In that time, another new product has launc…

Posted by Cory Ross on Apr 24th 2023

EDC Battle: Sig Sauer P365XL vs. P365X-Macro

Everyday carry, or EDC, is not just a phrase, but is a mindset. Carrying a firearm and other “gear” means you have ma…

Posted by Cory Ross on Apr 18th 2023

A New Member to the Legion: Sig Sauer P320AXG Legion

Innovation is key. A company’s survival is dependent on infusing the market with new products and ideas. However, inn…

Posted by Cory Ross on Mar 15th 2023

Vortex Optics: The All New Defender CCW

In the gun world, few things have surpassed the production and demand for a quality concealed carry handgun. In recen…

Posted by Cory Ross on Mar 2nd 2023

New Release: S&W FPC Series

Sometimes products drop without warning. An idea or concept that breaks the mold of what has been expected comes to l…