Purchasing a Firearm Online

You must be 18 years old to purchase a long gun or 21 years old to purchase a handgun. By Federal Law firearms can only be  legally shipped to an FFL Dealer. (Federal Firearms License)

1. Choose your Firearm(s)

If you select and buy non-firearms items within the same order the non-firearm items will be shipped directly to your home.

2. Pick an FFL Dealer (We will ship your gun to this dealer) 

Use our FFL Finder to select a dealer. Our Map does not mean we have the FFL on File. 

3. Contact FFL Dealer

Please discuss transfer fee with the FFL dealer you selected to avoid any surprises.

The chosen dealer will need to email or fax a copy of their current FFL to: or 419-945-4502

4. Complete your online order

Orders will be shipped within 48 hours after we receive and process FFL. (Some exceptions apply) You will receive an email shipping confirmation with the tracking # when your order ships.

5. Go to your FFL Dealer and pick up your Firearm

Arrive with all the documentation and identification needed to prove that you can legally purchase and possess the firearm.

Inspect the firearm to verify the condition and that it is the firearm you ordered. If there are any issues DO NOT complete the paperwork. Contact our customer service team using Contact Us page.

The FFL dealer will perform a background check using NICS (National Instant Criminal check System)

Firearms being shipped to Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York or Vermont may have the magazine(s) removed before shipment if the magazines exceed your states legal round capacity . Fin Feather Fur Outfitters will not replace or exchange magazines. These orders will not be discounted or credited. If your order is being shipped to one of the states listed, please contact us to verify you agree to these terms. Additional processing time may apply.

Transferring a Firearm to Fin Feather Fur 

Transferring a firearm to Fin Feather Fur Outfitters is very easy. If you purchase a firearm from another retailer they will need a copy of our FFL in order to ship the firearm to us. Upon request we can mail, email or fax them a copy of our license. They will then ship the firearm to us for you to pick up. Please ask your dealer to include a copy of their FFL and a copy of your order with the firearm.

After the firearm has been processed into our system we will call you to let you know that the firearm is ready to be picked up. If you are tracking your package and it shows delivered do not assume it is immediately ready to be picked up.  

We charge a $50 transfer fee. When picking up the firearm please bring a valid Ohio photo ID. You will be required to fill out a 4473. Upon approval you pay the transfer fee and take your firearm. 


Be safe, shoot straight and have fun!