10 Things You may Not Know About Hi-Point Handguns

10 Things You may Not Know About Hi-Point Handguns

As we all know there are many, many articles, videos, and reviews on the internet regarding Hi-Point handguns. Everyone has an opinion on whether or not they compare to popular brands like Kimber or Glock handguns. We all know the answer is “No” but neither is the retail comparison. For less than $200 you can purchase a fully functional handgun made here in the US with a Lifetime Warranty.

We would rather see someone who may not be able to afford or prefers not to spend more money be armed with a Hi-Point for self-defense than not have a handgun at all. These firearms are priced for the entry level shooter and allow even those on a tight budget to defend themselves.

Many scoff at the lifetime warranty but as a dealer we have literally sold thousands of Hi-Points and a quick review of the repair log showed only a handful of handguns that have needed repairs. We will not mention manufacturers but there are several more highly regarded brands that have had more than triple the number of firearms returned for repair in the same time frame

1. All Handguns are 100% American Parts

2. All Handguns carry a Lifetime Warranty

3. All handguns have High Impact Grips

4. All Handgun Frames are made of a High Impact Polymer

5. All Handguns have a 3-dot fully adjustable sight

6. All Handguns feature a Last Round Lock Open System

7. All Handguns have a Quick on-off safety

8 .All Handguns come with a free trigger lock

9. Handguns are offered in .380, 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP

10. All Handguns come with a free rear peep sight

We should also mention, that although all standard models are black, Hi-Point offers most calibers in Pink Camo, Woodland Camo and Desert Digital camo. If you have shied away from Hi-Point handguns in the past, assuming from the price they would not function properly, we would suggest reconsidering. While checking out the Hi-Point Handguns take a moment to browse Hi-Point Carbines as well.


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