EDC Spotlight - March: Jeremy, District Manager

EDC Spotlight - March: Jeremy, District Manager

February Spotlight: Jeremy, District Manager

Gun: HK VP9

I am a pretty big dude—think NFL offensive tackle—so carrying a full size gun like the VP9 isn’t a big deal to me. I fell in love with the ergonomics of the gun and its excellent trigger (P.S. I am not an HK fanboy, it’s just a coincident, so stop hating). For those that maybe don’t compare to my physique, HK also makes the VP9 in the SK (sub-compact) format, which would be optimal for most people.


Holster: C&G and DeSantis

Before the pandemic I used a C&G IWB (inside-the-waistband) holster, however, due to a little additional weight in my mid-section, I am now using an OWB (outside-the-waistband) DeSantis Holster (AKA the Covid 19 pounds). The DeSantis spreads the weight out a little better and makes it more comfortable to carry.


Blade(s): Fox Knives Olympian, 471 Karambit, and Outdoor Edge Onyx

Fox Knives USA is one of my preferred brands. Typically you will find me carrying the Olympian or the 471 Karambit. These knives are extremely tough and provide a mixture of everyday carry use and defensive weapon. However, if I’m cutting a lot of boxes and tape at work I will switch it up and use an Outdoor Edge Onyx. The Onyx is a replaceable blade knife that uses razors similar to a box cutter.I don’t feel bad using this knife on boxes and tape and can avoid dulling the blades on my good knives.

Outdoor Edge

Flashlight: Fenix PD32.

It’s bright, compact and affordable. The PD32 uses a rechargeable 18650 battery that pushes out 900 lumens. For me, having a light is important. I find that I use it almost everyday for random tasks, both at home and at work.

Belt: 5.11 1.5” Double Duty TDU Belt.

I’ve had this for 9 years and it still has retained its shape and integrity. I find it to be the perfect belt to carry a larger firearm on.



I always have chapstick, a comb for my beard and my money clip. However, when I am not at work, a nice cigar and cutter are part of my repertoire—because I’m always ready to enjoy a good time. 


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