EDC Spotlight - January Spotlight: Cory, Canton Fin

EDC Spotlight - January Spotlight: Cory, Canton Fin

EDC Spotlight focuses on the everyday carry of the Fin’s pro staff. Each month, a team member will be spotlighted to see what they carry, why they carry what they do, and how they carry. This isn’t limited to firearms and holsters, but to the other gear and items they have on them. This is an inside look on EDC to look at the methodology and thinking behind it to. Additionally, this provides perspective to the reader that is new to concealed carry or to those that may not be permitted to carry on a daily basis due to where they work. Being prepared is more than carrying a gun.

January Spotlight: Cory, Canton Fin

Gun: Glock 43.  “I stick with the 43 most of the time because of its size and ease of concealment. I have other guns that are ‘better’ for carry, however, when I am moving around a lot at work, the size of the 43 works better. To enhance the gun—and make up for its shortcomings—I have added Ameriglo night sights, Vickers Tactical mag and slide release, and Taran Tactical +1 and +3 mag extensions. Even with newer and higher capacity handguns on the market, I still go back to the Glock 43. For ammo, I use Speer Gold Dot.”

Holster: Blackhawk ARC. “This may come as a surprise, but I have tried other custom, expensive holsters, but the Blackhawk ARC always winds up being my go to for this gun. It is very minimal, lightweight, and keeps a low profile. I carry appendix inside the waistband (AIWB), so the ARC keeps the 43 in place and secure while not printing.”

Blade: Spyderco Paramilitary 2 and Benchmade Bugout. “My main EDC knives are either the Spyderco Paramilitary 3 Lightweight or the Benchmade 535 Bugout. Like my other choices, I go with these because of their lightweight and low profile. Both use quality blade steel that stands up to the barrage of boxes and tape they face on a daily basis. One key feature both have are deep conceal pocket clips. This again, keeps the profile low, but also helps to prevent the knife from catching on anything. The Spyderco uses FRN scales while the Benchmade uses Grivory. Both scales are weather resistant and provide a nice texture.”


Flashlight: Fenix PD25. “I usually have on me the Fenix PD25. It provides 550 lumens while maintaining a small size. On turbo setting the light lasts up to 35 minutes, but when used on a lower of its five settings, the runtime goes up to 3 hours. Having a flashlight is useful for many situations and is an important tool.

Belt: 5.11 Tactical.  “Probably the most important part to the EDC system is the belt. Without a good belt, carrying becomes uncomfortable and probably unsafe. I use a 5.11 Tactical 1.5” Trainer belt. These use ‘ultra-strong’ nylon and a solid stainless steel buckle. It is also double stitched in key places. In the several years of using this belt, it has retained its shape. This prevents sag when carrying and helps greatly with comfort.”

Miscellaneous. “Other items I have on me are my phone (which is an iPhone), front pocket wallet, Chapstick, and an Apple Watch. For tertiary use, I usually have a sling pack that carries first aid items (such as band aids, Advil, tourniquet, etc.), a small notebook, pens, glasses cleaner, and an extra phone charger. I also have a level three soft plate in it, you know, for emergencies.”

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