EDC Spotlight - ​February Spotlight: Mitch, Canton Fin

EDC Spotlight - ​February Spotlight: Mitch, Canton Fin

Gun: Shadow Systems MR920


I tend to like a compact pistol more than a micro compact for carry, so the MR920 offers me a great platform that I can adjust to my preferences. The MR920 is the same size as a Glock 19, with better features and ergonomics. Standard capacity is 15rds of 9mm, plus I carry a spare 17rd magazine in my pocket with a Tec-Clip. I use the Holoson 507Cv2 red dot on mine, which allows me to switch to a 2MOA dot or 32 MOA circle. The pistol also sports a Streamlight TLR-7A weapon light on the picatinny rail. While there are other, more concealable pistols on the market, the MR920 offers me an “all in one” package that is still concealable and offers me a full grip vs a micro compact.

For ammunition I carry Sig Sauer brand 124gn “V-Crown.”


Holster: JM Custom

As a left-handed shooter in the firearms world, finding holster can be a challenge. I finally found a solution with my JM Custom Kydex holster. The high ride style holster came set to my specifications, allowing a cut out for my pistol's red dot optic and for the Streamlight TLR-7A. The holster uses standard 1.5 inch belt loops and hugs the body very well.

Blade(s): Spyderco Endela & Spyderco Ronin II

Spyderco Endela

I usually carry 2 blades, a work knife and a fighting knife. The Spyderco Endura folder is my general purpose knife. Boxes, zip ties, tape—the Endura works for all of them and still keeps a great edge thanks to its VG-10 steel. The Ronin II on the other hand is a full blown fighting knife, with a Wharncliffe straight edge. It is perfect for several different grip positions and takes up very little space. I typically carry it offset just behind my hip in a “scout carry” configuration.

Flashlight: Streamlight Stylus Pro

Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight White LED Aluminum Matte, 66118

Already having a flashlight on my firearm allows me to get by with a smaller light in my pocket. I like the Streamlight Stylus pro for its size, about the same as a pen, and its light output (100 lumens). It also doesn’t stand out as much, which is optimal for EDC.

Belt: Blue Alpha Gear EDC belt

I have been using a Blue Alpha Gear belt daily for nearly three years. It shows no signs of wear and it has retained its shape, even when it's off. Distributing the weight of items across a broader area makes it more comfortable to carry a firearm. At 1.5 inches wide, it supports my holster, knife, and most importantly my pants, very well (because you know, that wouldn’t be good). A good belt can really makes all the difference and is something a highly recommend for carrying of any kind.


Miscellaneous: Civilian Lab Hazard 4 bag

I always have my phone (a Samsung), my wallet, and my FitBit on me as well. It's always nice to carry a few extra items in a bag, and my Civilian Lab sling bag can carry everything I need. I usually have at least 2 spare loaded magazines in the bag along with spare chargers, sunglasses, lighter, and a hat. in the side pockets I usually have a power bar or two and M&M’s—always take M&M’s.Having a bag while commuting or kept in the car creates greater EDC capacity for the gear you may want, but do not necessarily need at all times. 


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