A New Member to the Legion: Sig Sauer P320X5 DH3

A New Member to the Legion: Sig Sauer P320X5 DH3


The phrase innovate or die is a common mantra in the manufacturing world. A company’s survival is dependent on infusing the market with new products and ideas. However, innovation is only good if people notice it. For example, Apple made the iPod, the most popular portable music player in the world. However, Apple did not invent the MP3 player, nor did they produce the best one. Apple just happened to market the iPod in a way to inspire other people. Ever hear of the Phillips GoGear? Exactly. In similar fashion, Sig Sauer released the P320 line of handguns back in January of 2014. Did Sig Sauer release something radically different than Glock or S&W? No, not really. Some of the new concepts were nice, such as the ability to remove the Fire Control Unit from the frame and adapt the gun to an individual’s purpose. This gave greater flexibility when it came to modifying from home, although, people have been home brewing their own custom Glock’s for years. Peoples’ perceptions changed in 2017 when the P320 was selected by the United States Army to be their new sidearm. From that point forward, Sig’s P320 was cemented into firearms culture.

Sig’s listing of the P320 is extensive. With innumerable configurations available, it almost seems too daunting to pick one. Above the basic P320 is the X iterations of the gun. These are built with a different trigger and iron sights as well as a more contoured grip module. Sig also offers aluminum frame models in the AGX line, along with unique selections from Sig’s Custom Works. Perhaps the most unique option in the P320 line is the Legion series. Known as the X5 or X-Carry Legion, these pistols don’t use polymer or aluminum frames. Instead, the company has sourced a unique tungsten infused polymer recipe. This allows the frame to have the heft of metal but the malleability of polymer. As a result, the end user gets the feel of a heavy gun—and the benefits that ensue—but at an affordable (relatively speaking) price. These guns have been immensely popular by casual shooters, Sig collectors, and competitors alike. So much so that Sig’s very own Daniel Horner has put his own unique twist on the Legion series. Horner is one of the world’s best competitive shooters and has made his mark in multi-gun and sniper style matches. He is currently on Team Sig and works closely with Sig Sauer’s R&D department to develop new and innovative guns.

Earlier in the year, Sig unveiled the M400 DH3, which is a facsimile of Horner’s personal rifle. The next obvious evolution was to unveil a version of his P320. Released as the P320X5 DH3, this gun comes from Sig’s Custom Works line. It bares the familiar look and marks of the already established X5 Legion, but with Horner’s personal touch. The gun comes in a coyote tan color with a trademarked DH3 Silicon Carbide Treated TXG Grip Module. The texturing along the frame ensures a positive grip through high volume shooting. The slide has lightning cuts to help with weight (as well as aesthetics) and an optic cut on top. (Waiting to see if the optic cut is Sig’s newest design that accepts multiple footprints). The gun also ships with three 21-round magazines—perfect for a day of multi-gun shooting. The DH3 sports a 5” barrel and weighs in at a hefty 43.5oz—which will certainly help the gun shoot flat. Pricing will be in the neighborhood of $1,200.

Overall, this gun is more of a continuation rather than an evolution. It maintains the unique trademarks of the P320 with obvious upgrades to suit a particular niche. Adding the Daniel Horner name brings a certain prestige to it that will attract a lot of Sig enthusiasts. However, like Apple’s iPhone, new models come out every year. Each one has slight modifications over its predecessors in order to drum up notoriety, but don’t offer revolutionary new ideas, just nice upgrades. 


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