Your Best Odds Of Drawing a Moose Tag

Your Best Odds Of Drawing a Moose Tag

January is always a good time to reflect on the previous hunting season and explore our options for future hunts. Most western states have published their season dates and the planning and research begins. Most of us have limited vacation and funds so we take the planning phase very seriously. If moose hunting is in your plans the state below has the best drawing odds in the country.


If a moose hunt is on your bucket list Idaho is a must apply. Idaho terrain varies greatly from the Snake River plain to the densely forested northern part of the state. Idaho has an estimated moose population of 10,000 -12,000 moose statewide. Hunter success on moose is usually right at 75% year after year. The southeastern part of the state typically has higher success rates although bulls only average in the 40” range. Moose hunters applying for and planning on hunting the Panhandle area need to be prepared to hunt steep, thick, and rugged terrain and allow plenty of time to hunt. If you are planning to hunt the Panhandle area, be sure to have a couple of wolf tags in your pocket. Area 54 is the #1 trophy area in the state and all licensed hunters have a realistic chance at taking a Boone & Crockett moose.

Hunters must choose between Sheep, Mountain Goat or Moose and may only apply for one species. As you would expect most hunters opt for Sheep and Mountain Goat. Therefore, the odds of drawing a Moose tag in Idaho are considerably better than any other western state. The wait time in all other states is usually 20+ years to draw a Moose tag. In 2021 1 in 17 applicants received a Moose tag in Idaho. This year 2022 Idaho will grant up to 54 non-resident Moose tags. If you plan on applying be prepared to purchase a $195.00 hunting license and submitting $2957.53 for the actual Moose tag. The application period is between 4/1/2022 to 4/30/2022 and you can apply by visiting: Idaho Fish & Game


Draw odds are simply a matter of supply and demand. These odds will most likely not last forever. In the past few year’s applicants have increased and it would be a safe bet to say that trend will continue. 

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