Vortex More than Optics: Lifestyle Brand

Vortex More than Optics: Lifestyle Brand


Vortex is more than an optics brand, it is a lifestyle. After touring Vortex HQ and talking with their employees, that thought was proven to be true. The company’s relentless pursuit of customer service, coupled with providing a quality product, has led to the mantra of “Vortex Nation.” Whenever someone buys a Vortex product, whether a budget friendly Crossfire II or the expensive, yet exceptional Razor Gen III, they are not only backed by the company, but supported by them. That has led to people’s desire to showcase their support and appreciation to the brand. Enter Vortex Wear.

Manufacturers selling hats, t-shirts, and other “novelty” accessories is not uncommon. These are ancillary items that companies are hoping to make a few quick bucks on from their die hard customers. This usually consists of a mediocre logo on a flimsy hat, a memeable t-shirt design, and a few patches and stickers to round out the line. Vortex could have followed this blueprint and people would have bought the products. However, that’s not Vortex. They did not want to compete against the status quo. If they were going to introduce a lifestyle line, then that is what they were going to do. Raise the quality and deliver a product their customer would be proud of.

When discussing the introduction of a lifestyle brand, Shamus Terry—Vice President of Sales—states, “We believe that if you buy a Vortex product you become a part of the Vortex Nation. You embody customer service, passion for the industry, passion for the outdoors and so by creating a lifestyle brand our biggest goal there is we can provide a product and gear that people are passionate about.” That passion can be seen in the clothing and apparel they created. From stylish hats, to the practical Sunslayer line, and even to training shorts and hiking socks, Vortex Wear is all inclusive.

Vortex Wear also knows what it is not, and that’s something more akin to 5.11 or Sitka. Vortex is and always will be focused on optics first. But that doesn’t mean when they see a gap in the market that they won’t look into it. “There was a hole in the shooting sports as far as apparel goes,” states Shamus. “We wanted to appeal not just to the shooting sports crowd but to the lifestyles that our people like to live. Our goal is to provide a stylish and functional piece that people can be proud of.” With that goal driving the line and their company ethos supporting it, there is no doubt that this is another hit for Vortex. 


More than Optics: Creating Vortex Nation

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