New Release: S&W FPC Series

New Release: S&W FPC Series


Sometimes products drop without warning. An idea or concept that breaks the mold of what has been expected comes to life. Whether it be good or bad, or even mixed, only the future can tell. However, in the moment, it is something that sparks intrigue. That is the best way to describe the release of Smith & Wesson’s new M&P FPC (Folding Pistol Carbine) Series. The gun world was not expecting Big Blue to turn out something so unique. In reality, many probably thought it was a Kel-Tec Sub-2000. An eerily similar folding 9mm carbine. However, the FPC is distinctly different. Mainly, it folds to the side while the Kel-Tec folds buttstock over barrel (preventing the ability to mount optics). The FPC is more ideal in a modern world where attachments such as lights and optics are very common—especially in a survival or truck gun type firearm.

As for the main features: the FPC is a 9mm, direct blowback carbine. The lower is essentially an M&P 2.0 frame with the recently updated flat-face trigger. The forearm is a near rifle length with M-LOK slots on three sides and a solid Picatinny rail on top. The barrel meets the 16” requirement and has a threaded muzzle (1/2x28) for suppressors. The firearm is compatible—not surprisingly—with M&P Pistol double-stack magazines. The FPC even ships with three—one 17-round and two 23-round. A unique feature is that two magazines can be stowed away in the stock. There is also a quick-release button that has to be engaged in order to release the magazines from the stock, which gives extra security so they don’t prematurely fall out. To round everything out, Smith ships the FPC with a carrying bag, making this very much a backpack gun.

As for the target market, Smith is distinctly focusing on the survivalist/truck gun types that like a handy gun that is easily concealable, accessible, and offers greater lethality over a typical handgun. The FPC measures in at 16 3/8” folded, which means it will fit in many different types of bags and backpacks and offers great flexibility within that niche. More still, if a user already carries or owns Smith M&P double-stack handguns, the FPC adapts nicely within that ecosystem. Smith has a recent track record of releasing some very unique guns that have been widely popular. This includes the M&P 2.0 Metal, the M&P 5.7, and the FPC. One thing to note; Smith lists the FPC as a series. Reading into that, it is assumed more options and calibers are coming, as long as sales meet expectations. MSRP price will be $659.99 and should be on dealer shelves in the near future. 


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