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True Lock Swimbait Jig Heads


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Product Description

The perfect complement to any swimbait, the True Bass True Lock Swimbait Jigheads offer performance that allows your swimbaits to produce the highest potential action and enhance durability so that you can catch more fish per bait. Featuring a screw-lock keeper and a rear concave head design, the True Bass True Lock Swimbait Jigheads provide a rock solid grip without the use of glue and allow your swimbaits to sit deeper into the back of the head for a streamlined and natural profile. They are also molded with a keeled head shape and a perfectly angled line-tie, which keeps your swimbaits running true at any retrieve speed. Backed by a sticky sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook that delivers lightning fast hook sets, the True Bass True Lock Swimbait Jigheads will ensure you get the best performance and a longer lifespan out of your soft plastic swimbaits.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.