Triumph Systems Shot Seeker 10in Adhesive Bullseye Target


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Product Description

Shot Seeker adhesive bullseye target shows a big shot burst with a bright yellow halo at the impact location. Identify and score your shot from the firing line and spend more time shooting and less time identifying your shot placement. This adhesive targets is great for applying to cardboard backs or other silhouette targets. The Shot Seekers 1 inch grid lines are ideal for sighting in your firearm quickly and easily. And don't forget the adhesive reactive pasties! Extend the life of your targets with 22 highly reactive pasties!

Specifications and Features:

  • 10-Pack of Targets
  • 1in Grids to Sight in your Firearm
  • 22 Reactive Pasties
  • Adhesive 10in Bullseye Target
  • Halo Shot Identifier

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.