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Tactacam Scrape Fix


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Scrape Fix is quickly becoming one of the most talked about products in the hunting world. This 100% synthetic powered based Dominant buck scent is to be used all year long to freshen up scrapes and keep deer coming around. Deer use scrapes all year around and Scrape Fix is a product you can use all year round instead of the use of minerals and bait!

Specifications and Features:

  • Clip and carry convenience
  • For use all year long
  • Licking Branches are the key to mock scrapes. The powder adheres to licking branches perfectly with just the right amount of scent
  • No Messy Liquids
  • Place scent downwind or for use as cover scent and calming effect when game is approaching from downwind
  • Puff the ScrapeFix on your boots creating scent trail to and from your stand
  • Simple to make a mock scrape on way to or leaving your stand
  • The Delivery System- when the powder is dispensed it keeps distribution of scent to a minimum to peak deer interest and retention without over powering the area with too much odor
  • The scent is infused at a molecular level with organic compounds whitetails can't resist
  • The scent will never breakdown or change and will continue to work for weeks after initial application
  • Use ScrapeFix on Decoys

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