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Storm Arashi Vibe

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Built to excel when the bite gets tough, the Storm Arashi Vibe generates a subtle vibration and sound, even at the slowest speeds, making it ideal for lethargic and less aggressive predators. Pushing the limits of bait design, the Storm Arashi Vibe is fitted with a self-tuning line tie, which is the secret behind its ability to vibrate at super slow speeds.

Unlike the obnoxious multi-tonal acoustics of most lipless baits, the Storm Arashi Vibe provides a soft knock derived from a single rattle, perfect for attracting without intimidating. Fitted with rotated hook hangers, the Storm Arashi Vibe nests the hook close to the body for improved action and less snagging. Backed by super-sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks, the Storm Arashi Vibe delivers situation specific design that tournament anglers can appreciate.

Arashi Vibe2-3/4"9/16ozSinking