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Storm Arashi Spin Spinbaits


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Capable of catching from the moment it hits the water, the Storm Arashi Spin delivers a finely tuned, dual prop design that excels with the finesse technique of spybaiting. Incredibly effective around light-feeding and wary predators, the Storm Arashi Spin features a three-bladed prop on the front and a two-bladed prop on the back, which rotate in opposite directions, creating a unique vibration and helping to maintain running depth. Engineered to attract bass at a super-slow crawl, the Storm Arashi Spin delivers a delicate rolling action that is ideal for attracting suspended bass. Backed by super-sharp black-nickel trebles, the Storm Arashi Spin delivers finesse-driven performance that excels when the bite gets tough.

Arashi Spin3-1/8"1/3ozSinking