Staccato P DPO Threaded Barrel 9mm CS frame, Stainless Steel Threaded Barrel, 5.0? 10-1200-000200


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Product Description

The all new STI Staccato P DPO Threaded Barrel is STI Internationals latest version of their #1 selling STI 2011 9mm Host pistol. This optics ready double stack 2011 pistol is a evolution over Browning's classic 1911 pistol design. The STI Staccato P DPO incorporates the same technology that is found in their 2011 Race Guns. It has a steel frame with polymer grip module that is designed to absorb and dissipate felt recoil, while reducing the total weight of the firearm. The new STI G2 Grips are installed on this new Staccato P DPO pistol. Just like previous staccato P's this latest slim profile version incorporates FlaTec™ technology and is built with superior materials, craftsmanship and STI's 2011 recoil absorbing grip module. A more accurate and controllable pistol is the result. STI's Staccato P DPO 9mm pistol is a double stack version of the best selling single stack 2011 Staccato C. Coming with the "DPO" Optic cut and longer more accurate 5.0 inch barrel. Sporting improved serrations and fiber optics sights, this 2011 Professional pistol defiantly puts the p in professional. Also the P is equipped with double stack magazine vs a single stack mag that is found on the Staccato C. Threaded Stainless Steel Barrel.

Specifications and Features:

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.