Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue

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Product Description

The original suspending minnow - each Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue is carefully designed and engineered to run true and suspend perfectly right out of the package. No more drilling and weighting needed.

For best results with the Suspending Rogue - use short, snappy jerks of your rod tip. Also vary the length and speed of your jerks, pausing to let the Rogue suspend momentarily, this is the stop-and-suspend action that fish can't resist. A slow rolling retrieve is also very effective - making your Rogue "wallow" along or just below the surface with a slow retrieve.

Available in several eye-catching, fish-enticing colors, the Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue has been proven to attract explosive strikes year around - and especially in the spring.

Rattlin Rogue4-1/2"3/8oz0-4ftSuspending

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.