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Rebel Wee Craw Crankbaits


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Appetizing to a wide-range of crawfish-hungry species, the Rebel Wee Craw offers a bite-sized presentation that works incredibly well around light-feeding predators. Taking lifelike attraction to the next level, the Rebel Wee Craw is covered with a true-to-life texturing and intricate crawfish details that have been proven effective for years. Fitted with a specially designed lip, the Rebel Wee Craw delivers strike-triggering deflections that will keep a bend in your rod. Armed with razor-sharp trebles, the Rebel Wee Craw delivers diminutive performance that is second-to-none.

Teeny Wee Craw1.5"1/10oz2-3ft
Wee Craw2"1/5oz5-7ft