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Mustad KVD 1x Strong 2x Short Triple Grip Treble Hooks


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Product Description

The Mustad KVD Elite Series Short Shank Triple Grip Hooks were designed closely with 7-time BASS Angler-of-the-Year, Kevin VanDam, to deliver the ideal balance of hooking and holding power. The unique shape of the hook is intended to "lock" the fish into the elbow bend, making it harder for the fish to throw the lure. The design also widens the hook gap, and angles the hook points more toward the shank. This provides an optimal angle for maximum impact and penetration, while also making the hook less prone to snags.

Mustad's 1X wire delivers an optimal balance of power and flex, and the shorter length of the Short Shank design also allows anglers to use larger hooks, further increasing hooking potential (i.e. you can replace a stock Size 4 hook with the KVD Size 2). Perfect for replacing the treble hooks on your go-to lures, the Mustad KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Hooks are also 20% sharper and designed to stay sharp longer.


" ... it's meant countless hours on the water tinkering and testing different shapes and wire sizes to create a design that meets all my needs. I wish I would have had this hook sooner because I know it would have made the difference in several tournaments. It's a must-have for improving the hook-ups on crankbaits." - Kevin VanDam, 5-time BASS Angler-of-the-Year.

Please note the 11pk & 6pk quantities.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.