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Mepps Dressed Aglia Inline Spinner


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Popularized by anglers the world over, the Mepps Dressed Aglia combines the time-tested design of the Mepps Aglia with hand-tied accents to create the ultimate in-line spinner. Featuring premium grade bucktail and a turkey quill strike attractor, the Mepps Dressed Aglia produces a natural, smooth-flowing presentation that is highly effective on a wide-range of species, from panfish-to-pike-to-bass. Built entirely from top-tier components, the Mepps Dressed Aglia is fitted with a tarnish-resistant blade, machined brass spacers, and a stainless steel wire form that ensures long-lasting performance. Offered in number classic colors, the Mepps Dressed Aglia provides proven performance that will make an invaluable addition to any tacklebox.