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Lunkerhunt Popping Frogs


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Taking amphibian-style attraction to the next level, the Lunkerhunt Popping Frog delivers a heavy splashing attraction that prompts heart-pumping blow-ups. At the front, the Lunkerhunt Popping Frog is built with a cupped mouth that slaps against the surface, creating a spray and a gurgle that big fish can't resist. At the rear, the Lunkerhunt is adorned with two anatomically accurate legs, which extend and retract with each twitch. Incredibly weedless, the Lunkherhunt Popping Frog is armed with a razor-sharp double frog hook that hugs tight to the body and allows it to move over matted vegetation with ease. Combining detail and advanced design, the Lunkherhunt Popping Frog delivers everything that a frog enthusiast needs to trigger big bites.

Popping Frog2-1/8"1/2ozTopwater
Popping Frog1-3/4"1/4ozTopwater