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Luhr Jensen Jet Diver


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The Luhr Jensen Jet Diver's unique, buoyant design collects water pressure against its wings in order to dive. You can attach your hook and lure to it to catch the fish you want better. This boat jet diver comes in several sizes so you can choose one of the bigger sizes if you want it to go deeper or a smaller size if you don't want it to go as deep. It sinks while in movement but floats while at rest which makes it easy and simple to use. This fishing jet diver is the preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications. The Luhr Jensen Jet Diver enables the presentation of lures and baits tight to the river bottom where most fish are found, without getting hung-up in this difficult environment. Trolling anglers incorporate use them as controlled-dive tools that are highly capable of bumping over bottom structure and floating free should they become stuck. These boat jet divers can reach water depths from less than 10, all the way to 50-feet deep.