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Lucky Craft Kelly J Prop Baits


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The Kelly J was designed with the help of Lucky Craft pro staff member Kelly Jordon. With its deep profile, the Kelly J realistically resembles a baitfish, and according to Jordon, it's like throwing live bait. With a prop on the front and one on the back, the Kelly J makes a flicking noise as if it were an aggravating baitfish, and the bass can't resist. The aggravating noise of the Kelly J, along with its realistic colors and body shape, will increase the chance for hook ups. Fish the Kelly J down shallow banks, as well as around lay downs, shallow grass, backs of pockets and seawalls. Give it two short, subtle twitches followed by a pause, and continue the pattern back to the boat. It has a natural look while sitting in the water, which is key to any great bait.

Lucky CraftLengthWeightClassHooks
Kelly-J2-3/4"1/2ozTopwater#6 VMC