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Lowrance FishHunter 3D Portable Sonar


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Giving anglers the ability to utilize Lowrance's high-tech fish finding technology without a boat, the Lowrance 3D Portable Sonar transmits 3-D sonar images to your phone to give you an exact look at what's below the surface. Perfect for anglers who fish from the bank, dock, pier, ice, or kayak, the Lowrance FishHunter 3D Portable Sonar offers a three dimensional view of bottom contours, cover, fish location, and structure. Loaded with five, tri-frequency transducers, the Lowrance FishHunter 3D Portable Sonar's returns are viewable on the free Fish Hunter app via WiFI connection between the transducer and Android or iOS devices without the need for a cellular or Internet connection. Anglers can also pull the Lowrance FishHunter 3D Portable Sonar behind their boat to create custom Bathymetric and structure maps of favorite fishing spots or an entire lake.

Specifications and Features:

  • Application for Android and iPhone devices
  • Battery life up to 10 hours
  • Depth display up to 55 m
  • Five sonar elements enabling 3D images
  • Operating temperature -30C - +35C
  • Output 300 W
  • Possible to create your own depth maps (uses the phone's GPS location)
  • Reliable Lowrance sonar technology, sonar frequencies 381kHz, 475kHz, and 675kHz
  • Suitable for ice fishing
  • Transmission range 65 m
  • Weight 180 g

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