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LEM Oxygen Absorbers 50 Ct


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These oxygen absorbers protect your food for long-term storage. Simply drop a packet into the package before closing to eliminate oxygen, which helps preserve freshness, prevent mold and bacteria growth, and extend the shelf life. Each packet will remove oxygen from a 1-gallon bag and removes over 99.9% of oxygen from each sealed, airtight package. Great for freeze-dried, powered, and dehydrated foods, including jerky, crackers, and grains. Set of 50; these are packed in sets of 10. Once a set is opened, vacuum seal any extra absorbers (or store in airtight jar) to maintain effectiveness. Best if used within 2 years. These must be stored in an air-tight glass container; do not store them in a plastic bag.

Specifications and Features:

  • Packet contents: 70% iron, 10% diatomaceous earth (10%), 10% water, 5% activated carbon, 5% sodium chloride
  • Each packet is 2" x 2 3/4" and contains .57 oz.
  • Use one absorber per 1-gal. bag or 300 cc of foodstuffs
  • Set of 50 (5 packs of 10)
  • "Do not eat" is printed on each packet
  • Vacuum-seal unused packets until ready to use
  • Best if used within 2 years
  • FDA approved and certified

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