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Googan Baits Topwater Toad


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Seasoned anglers know that big bass eat frogs and if you want to put bigger fish in your livewell you need to try the Googan Baits Toad Softbait Frog Trailer. Made from a durable soft plastic material that can withstand multiple aggressive topwater strikes, the Googan Baits Toad features a keeled belly design to keep it running true on the surface no matter how fast you reel it. The legs are also molded with an aggressive ridged design, which splashes on the surface and generates a substantial bubble trail that attracts fish from all directions. The heavy ribbing along the sides of the body help produce more vibration and adds resistance so that anglers can reel the Googan Baits Toad at slower speeds than other soft plastic frogs on the market as well.

For rigging applications, the Googan Baits Toad is ideal for your favorite screw-lock style swimbait hook or EWG hook and is fitted with a large belly slot to improve hook penetration so that you hook and land more fish. The top of the bait also features a small hook slot to hide your hook point for perfectly weedless rigging and fishing through the heaviest of cover without snagging. Infused with Googan Baits' infamous Slaunch Sauce that triggers more bites and makes fish hold on longer, the Googan Baits Toad will outfish all the other soft plastic toads in your tackle box.


Specifications and Features:

  • Length: 4"

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