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Evergreen SH-3 Crankbaits


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Developed through a series of rigorous testing in both the US and Japan, the Evergreen SH-3 Crankbaits are a shallow-water powerhouse that promises big results. Equipped with a wide-square lip, the Evergreen SH-3 Crankbaits grab the water quickly and dive down with a decisive action that is built for banging against cover, burning over shallow flats, and ticking across the top of submerged vegetation. Designed with a chunky hexagonal body, the Evergreen SH-3 Crankbaits move a massive amount of water and provide a visual intrigue with a heavy flash. On the inside, the Evergreen SH-3 Crankbaits feature an advanced series of tungsten weights, which combined with its body shape, give anglers an unprecedented amount of accuracy, control, and distance when casting. Available in a number of US-oriented colors, the Evergreen SH-3 Crankbaits provide a world-class shallow-water presentation that will find a permanent home in the arsenal of serious anglers.

SH-3 Crankbaits2-3/4"11/16oz2-3ftFloating