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Easton Axis NFused Arrow S Arrows w/HIT Inserts 400 12 Pack 319102TF


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When you are nocking an arrow to your bow, sighting in on that next trophy or meal, do you have the confidence that your arrow will hit where you want and get the job done? With the Axis N-fused line of arrows from Easton, those kinds of questions won't even enter your mind. The Axis is designed to fly accurately, fast, hit hard, and penetrate deep to get that clean kill to provide for your needs. Using Easton's N-fused 3rd generation carbon nanotubes these arrows are strong, durable, and reduce energy robbing vibration. Forming those nanotubes into Easton's X series micro diameter profile it becomes capable of deeper penetration, more kinetic energy delivery, and defies crosswinds much better than any conventional carbon arrow.

Specifications and Features:

  • High-strength nanotubes infused carbon-composite fibers
  • Patent-pending slim diameter for increased penetration and less wind drift
  • Thicker shaft wall for increased durability and more kinetic energy down range
  • Micro smooth finish for reduced wear on the arrow rest, quiet draw & release, and easier target removal
  • Internal-fit "X" Nock installed
  • HIT Insert, chamfer stone, installation tool, HIT epoxy Included
  • Straightness: .003"
  • Weight tolerance: 2.0 grains
  • 9.0 grains per inch
  • 31.5" in length

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