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Booyah Prank Cranking Poppers


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A true, multi-functioning bait, the Booyah "Zell Rowland" Prank Cranking Popper gives anglers a classic, popper-style topwater that also doubles as a shallow-running crankbait. Featuring a cupped mouth that spits and sprays water just like a traditional popper, it also features a small squarebill lip that imparts enticing swimming action and allows the Prank to dive 1-2 feet below the surface. The squarebill design also allows it to deflect off of cover like a traditional squarebill, generating lively deflections and violent reactions strikes from shallow water bass.

Outfitted with premium hooks and a feather-dressed treble in the rear that delivers the final touch to entice strikes from wary fish, the Booyah "Zell Rowland" Prank Cranking Popper gives anglers multiple tools in one deadly package - for a whole new level of versatility.