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Booyah Mini Shad Spinnerbaits


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Delivering a triple-threat of flash, the Booyah Mini Shad Spinnerbait may be diminutive in stature, but that doesn't mean it's not a big time, big fish bait. Fitted with three super-bright, jeweler's-grade willow blades, the Booyah Mini Shad emits an attention-grabbing flash that works in clear water and stained water alike. Featuring a 55-strand silicone skirt, ball-bearing swivels, and .030 stainless frame, the Booyah Mini Shad Spinnerbait generates a lifelike attraction that won't wash out, even with a super-fast retrieve. Armed with a sticky-sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook, the Booyah Mini Shad Spinnerbait delivers the flash and performance necessary to fool shad-hungry bass.