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Booyah Boo Jigs


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These Boo Jigs from Booyah Bait Co. are very impressive! Booyah! uses 50 strands of high quality silicone material to produce full, thick skirts so you can fish the jig right out of the package or trim it and thin it to whatever configuration you prefer. The Bio-Flex silicone skirts come in colors and combinations exclusive to Booyah! and produce great, natural colors that bass respond to. The big round bend Mustad UltraPoint hook has an 18 degree bend and the head of the jig is molded right up to the inline hook eye for a combination that comes through wood and rocks easily. Double rattles are attached to the band that holds the skirt and can be removed if you desire. There is a keeper molded on the shank of the hook to keep your plastic trailers where they belong, and the 30 strand fiber weedguard goes well past the point of the hook, ready for you to trim to the length and thickness you like. We think this is the way most of us would make a jig for fishing wood and structure and we give the Boo Jig high marks.