Boat Bling Quickie Sauce Boat Spray


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Product Description

Tired of spending countless hours waxing your boat? Boat Bling Quickie Sauce can reduce your waxing time by as much as 75 percent! The easy-to-use Boat Bling Quickie Sauce provides long lasting protection from the elements with a simple spray on, rub in, wipe off process. Boat Bling Quickie Sauce works on all fiberglass and painted surfaces and is safe to use on molding and decals. Each application lasts up to 8 weeks and is a great supplement to your bi-annual waxes. Pick up a bottle of Boat Bling Quickie Sauce today, so you can spend less time waxing and more time catching fish. Features:

-Pure wax -Easy to spray, simple to rub in, easy to wipe off -No buffer needed -Superior protection from the elements -Perfect for fiberglass and painted surfaces -Safe on molding and decals -Wax content last up to 12 weeks -Spray on, rub in, wipe off application

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.