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Berkley Bad Shad Crankbaits


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An all-around workhorse, the Berkley Bad Shad Crankbait delivers the detail needed to catch fish in clear water and the action necessary to attract bass in muddied conditions. Designed with a thinned-out baitfish profile, the Berkley Bad Shad Crankbait provides an irresistible side-roll and a tail wiggle that begs to be destroyed. On the pause, the Berkley Bad Shad Crankbait slowly floats towards the top, which helps it resist snags and grab the attention of otherwise uninterested fish. Backed by Berkley's Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Bad Shad Crankbait has got the look and the attitude needed to bully big fish into biting.

Bad Shad Crankbait 52"1/4oz5-7ft
Bad Shad Crankbait 72.75"1/3oz6-9ft
Bad Shad Crankbait 83"1/2oz7-9ft