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Arbogast Buzz Plugs


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Built with a highly individualized shape, the Arbogast Buzz Plug offers a lethal presentation and a unique advantage over traditional buzzbaits - the ability to come to a complete stop without sinking. While other buzzbaits require constant motion to stay afloat, you can pause the Arbogast Buzz Plug around stumps, slop, and docks, then give it a slight twitch or shake to persuade hungry bass into biting. Fish it with a slow, stop-and-go, or steady retrieve, and the single prop blade creates an incredible surface disturbance. The Arbogast Buzz Plug is also armed with a razor-sharp double upturned hook that fishes virtually weedless. When paused, the nose lifts slightly out of the water and positions the hook at precisely the right angle for a higher hookup ratio. Truly one-of-a-kind, the Arbogast Buzz Plug offers bass a taste of something that they've never seen before - a buoyant buzzbait with the ability to stop, and deliver that little bit of extra action that gets the job done.

Buzz Plug Jr2-3/8"5/8ozFloating
Buzz Plug2-7/8"1-ozFloating