Antler Ice Drag Line - Ghost on a Rope



Product Description

Scent wicks will never be the same, Antler Ice would like to introduce the GHOST WICK. The GHOST WICK allows for all the benefits of a scent wick you could ask for. The wick is thicker and longer than most scent wicks, allowing for more scent absorption, disbursal of scent, and act as great yardage markers while hunting because of their size. The double separated wick allows you to use two of your favorite Antler Ice attractants at once, or double up on one, to create maximum scent disbursal. The two holes, "ghost eyes", allow for easy and versatile hanging around your hunting setup. One hole is closed for smaller, easy slide on branches, while the other hole is slit to get around those tough branches without breaking twigs. Simply dip both of the GHOST WICKS "legs", into your favorite Antler Ice attractant and hang within shooting distance of your hunting setup. Refreshing the wick occasionally will help increase your odds. For the most effective setup, use Antler Ice's GHOST ON A ROPE drag rope to run a scent trail to your stand. Then hang your drag line and/or GHOST WICK from a nearby tree to keep the scent disbursing in your area. If just using the GHOST WICKS, hang one or multiple around your setup to cover changing wind direction. Antler Ice attractants have been proven time and time be ready!! ***GHOST WICKS are meant to be disposable. Please properly dispose of them after hunting. It is not recommended to use GHOST WICKS more than once, for urine trapped in the wick can quickly become spoiled.
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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