When Memes Become Real: The YC9

When Memes Become Real: The YC9


Hi-Point first acknowledged the Yeet Cannon moniker back in 2019 during a social media campaign to name their new pistol. While many filled the comments section, Yeet Cannon was the clear favorite. Fast forward a few months to S.H.O.T. Show 2020. Unveiled at the show was the official Hi-Point Yeet Cannon. Hi-Point’s engineering team kept the robust lines of the original but styled the pistol to more modern standards. This included a threaded barrel, tapped receiver for mounting an optic, grip stippling, and a standard Picatinny rail for mounting lights. The internet was lighting up with its reveal. And because it was Hi-Point, the price was going to be very affordable. Unfortunately, Covid-19 happened, and the firearms industry, like everything else, nearly halted.

It is Here, Finally

Finally, after several years of waiting, the Hi-Point YC9 (Yeet Cannon 9) is here, for real this. If you are reading this, then the YC9 is already out for sale. Just like the 2020 S.H.O.T. Show model, the new YC9 retains the features listed above but with additional refinements. These include front and rear cocking serrations which add a bit to the aesthetic but also offer a practical use when working the heavy slide of the YC9. Like said above, the slide is drilled and tapped for a pic rail so that an optic could be added—although, I’d imagine a few mounting plates will be developed that mount the optic closer to the bore. Furthermore, the YC9 can be bought with a threaded barrel for your suppressor. One thing to note, since the YC9 is a blowback design, the barrel is pinned in place. Therefore, you will not need a piston or piston adapter to run a 9mm can on this gun—a 1/2x28 direct thread adapter will suffice. Under the slide is a section of Picatinny rail to affix a light or laser to it. This is a tremendous upgrade over previous models that used a weaver-style rail. Next, the trigger has been redesigned for better geometry while the frame has a steeper undercut beneath the trigger guard as well as aggressive stippling for improved grip ergonomics. One major detractor of the gun is its use of a grip safety. Like a Springfield XD or 1911, it must be fully engaged for the gun to fire. I’d imagine this was added when the trigger was upgraded compared to Hi-Point’s previous models. Finally, the magazine capacity has been upped to 10 rounds. While this is meager compared to modern pistols, this is several rounds more than other Hi-Point models. Remember, Hi-Point markets this gun to be sold in every state, and unfortunately, some of those states have restrictive gun laws. Hopefully, extended magazines will be forthcoming.

Final Thoughts

I do not doubt that this gun will be a hot seller. It packs a ton of features for a very reasonable price ($229 to $325 depending on the package). While many will want to purchase the gun for what it represents (meme culture) I think they will be pleasantly surprised when they shoot it. The YC9 will be available by the time you are reading this article. 

Venture Out