The Judge at Home: Taurus’s Newest Model

The Judge at Home: Taurus’s Newest Model

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Home defense is something that should be taken seriously. While the likelihood of intrusion is very low for many, having a plan in place is key. Across the country, 911 response times have inflated because of a dwindling police force. All over police stations are in desperate need of officers. That is why it is important to have a plan in place. For many that includes a firearm as a means for protection. There are many options out there including handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Each has its pros and cons. However, Taurus has released something that attempts to combine parts of all. Enter the Taurus Judge Home Defender.


The Taurus Judge was an innovative firearm upon its initial release in 2006. A wheel gun chambered in 45 Colt AND .410 sold well. It proved to be a great hiking companion offering versatility against a variety of threats in the wilderness. Its combination of shot and slug prompted the creation of dozens of variants to fit different niches within the firearms community. This included the Public Defender, the Poly Defender, the Raging Judge, and a rifle variant built by Rossi called the Circuit Judge. Taurus’s newest model hopes to create the ultimate defensive arm, especially in places where high-capacity magazines and AR-15s may be heavily regulated.

The Judge Home Defender

I think the most distinguishing part of the new Judge is its 13” barrel. As mentioned above, the Home Defender appears to combine aspects of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. For example, the benefit of a rifle is increased terminal ballistics with its longer barrel. However, a full-size rifle can be a bit unwieldy inside a home. To combat this many users attached Pistol Braces to AR pistols to enhance the weapon’s capability for inside the home. Now that ATF has changed its stance on Pistol Braces once again, many Americans need a better option. Shotguns are common, mainly because of their simplicity but again their overall length hinders mobility. The most common are probably handguns. They are easily concealed, adaptable to tight environments, and honestly, are what most people are comfortable with. But they can be difficult to master and possess less margin of error compared to a shotgun or a rifle with a stock. So, the Judge Home Defender attempts to rectify these inconveniences with a longer barrel to increase the terminal ballistics of the 45 Colt, accuracy with a .410 all while simultaneously adding adaptability via Picatinny sections for lights, lasers, and sights.

As for ergonomics, holding the gun with a traditional two-handed stance might prove to be awkward, so a modified rifle stance with one hand gripping the handguard may be best. The problem with this is that revolvers tend to blast hot gasses out of the face of the cylinder when a round is fired. Taurus smartly added a blast shield to protect the shooter. A Picatinny scope rail adorns the top of the gun for the mounting of a red dot as this gun does not come with iron sights. The gun is chambered for 3” .410 shells giving the user the most options. To help with shooting the higher-powered .410 loads a rubber grip adorns the handgun aiding in recoil absorption and helping the overall shooting experience.

Final Thoughts

This is an interesting evolution of the Judge from Taurus. It combats a lot of inadequacies created by our current political climate, especially in states that possess draconian laws. If anything, this will be a fun gun to shoot and will attract the attention of many shooters. The Judge Home Defender is shipping at the time this article is published. MSRP is $729.99, but I suspect the street price will be lower. 

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