HR 1808 Statement

HR 1808 Statement


The old adage “the calm before the storm” refers to calmness of seas the day before a storm hits. That day, waves slowly break on the keel of the ship and the wind remains calm. As the day passes into night, the wind picks up, the waves grow and crash with great ferocity and the seas swell. The clouds overhead release a fury of rain and lightning, while thunderous claps shake the ship’s hull. The crew spends the night and days of the storm keeping the ship together. Some hide in the hull below, while others brave the elements on deck—making sure the ship maintains its course.

On July 29th, 2022, the calm skies broke. HR 1808 passed in our nation’s House of Representatives. In a stunning event, two Republicans broke the promises they made to their constituents and flipped their votes in favor of passing a bill that makes millions of citizens into instant felons. Chris Jacobs of New York and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania turned coat and ran to shelter rather than fighting the storm. HR 1808 bans “assault” style weapons with “high-capacity” magazines that utilize pistol grips. An estimate by National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) puts 25 million of these type of firearms in circulation—though many think this is a substantially low estimate. Reading the bill further shows that many commonly owned firearms and accessories would be banned. Congress, along with the Federal Government, are attempting to strong arm the people and force them into submission. Fin Feather Fur Outfitters as well as our Law-Abiding Customers condemn this action by Congress. Regulation of this magnitude infringes on the rights of the people guaranteed by the Constitution.

As HR 1808 moves to the Senate, we urge all those who oppose to contact your Senator. That information can be found at Let it be known that the citizens of this great nation do not support a government that tramples on the rights of the people. The storm has come. The boat is rocking. Are we going to go and hide below, waiting for it to pass, or are we going to brave the storm and make sure the ship’s path stays true? 


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