Homemade Edible Wildlife Treats for The Holidays

Homemade Edible Wildlife Treats for The Holidays

Have you considered starting a family tradition and making homemade edible wildlife Christmas decorations for the shrubs and evergreens in your yard?

In our hectic hustle and bustle busy world many times we do not take time to enjoy and connect with the nature around us. This will make a great family activity and create conversation with your kids or grandchildren regarding wildlife and wildlife conservation.

When you are finished, snuggle up close to the picture window with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and watch the show begin. Be sure to have your camera and binoculars ready! The squirrels, songbirds and the rest of your feathered friends will be far more entertaining than any show on TV or website you could be immersed in.

-String together different kinds of grapes with a needle and thread.
Alternate grapes with cranberries and raisins to add variations in colors.

-String together all natural popcorn –
Do not use salt or butter added popcorn.

-String together cheerios or salt-free Ritz crackers in the shape of a bracelet. Slide over the tips of branches.

-Thinly slice apples and oranges. string through a piece of thread and hang each piece separately from branches.

-Top Millet with a red ribbon and hang it from the tree. Millet can be purchased at your local feed and seed store.

-Buy fine netting material and fill it with birdseed. Add finely crushed eggshells to the mix to provide the birds with calcium!

-Loop raw peanuts by stringing them together. Top with a ribbon.

-Mix peanut butter and oatmeal and spread the mixture over pinecones. Then roll it in birdseed. Tie a loop and hang on the tree.

-Add birdseed, peanut butter, fruit or granola to melted bacon or beef fat. Use mesh onion bags as a suet containers and hang from trees.

-Take long strands of twine or rope and dip in a bowl of molasses. Then roll on a tray containing birdseed for a partially edible garland.

Gather the kids or grandkids and make this a Christmas to remember!