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6th Sense Speed Glide 100 Swimbaits


The 6th Sense Speed Glide 100 Swimbait was designed to be an all-purpose baitfish imitation. The natural action of the Speed Glide resembles a fleeing baitfish in distress and it can be retrieved in multiple different ways. The Speed Glide Swimbait gives anglers the ability to retrieve the swimbait according to how fish are reacting on any particular day. It can be retrieved slow and steady for smooth fluid swimming action, or it can be burned and jerked for very erratic action. It is engineered with a heavy weighting system for casting long distances, giving you the ability to cover much more water. The Speed Glide also features super sharp EWG style hooks, 3D eyes, 3D gill plates, and premium paint jobs that separate the Speed Glide from any other swimbait on the market. At 4-inches in length, the 6th Sense Speed Glide Swimbait is not too overpowering and is a perfect snack for any size gamefish.

6th SenseLengthWeightClass
Speed Glide 1004"7/8ozSinking

Specifications and Features:

  • Species: Bass
  • Weight: 7/8 Ounce