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13 Fishing Trash Panda Poppin' Frog


Designed to generate a loud topwater commotion that will elicit heart-stopping blow ups, the 13 Fishing Trash Panda Poppin' Frog will allow you to fish through the densest cover and irritate big bass into biting. Built with a classic hollow body construction, the 13 Fishing Trash Panda Poppin' Frog features a large cupped mouth that spits and sprays a generous amount of water, which calls fish to the surface to investigate and attack. Its multi-material leg design also adds a bit of flash to seal the deal and force fish to commit to biting. Heat shrink seals and top blow hole reduce water intrusion to ensure the body collapses quickly for increased hook penetration as well. Complete with a custom 4/0 hook that provides rock solid hook sets and plenty of power to get fish out of cover, the 13 Fishing Trash Panda Poppin' Frog sets the new standard for popping frogs.

13 FishingLengthWeightClass
Trash Panda Poppin' Frog2.95"9/16ozFloating

Specifications and Features:

  • Floating
  • Length: 2.95"
  • Weight: 9/16oz