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13 Fishing Flatty Daddy Crankbait


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No crankbait arsenal is complete without a premium flat sided crankbait, the 13 Fishing Flatty Daddy Crankbait delivers the action and performance of its balsa predecessors but now much more durable and at a fraction of the cost. Just like the old school balsa crankbaits, the 13 Fishing Flatty Daddy Crankbait features flat sides, which create a tight wobble and super erratic hunting action that has been putting fish in the boat for decades. It also features a square bill that allows anglers to fish it through brush piles, rocks, laydowns, and docks without fear of getting hung up and snagged.

Ideal for cold water conditions or highly pressured fish, the 13 Fishing Flatty Daddy Crankbait is equipped with two premium VMC chemically sharpened treble hooks that ensure you hook and land more of those short striking fish when the conditions are tough. Covered in a highly detailed finish that includes 3D eyes, gills, and a custom bait job, the 13 Fishing Flatty Daddy Crankbait provides quality and performance that crankbait aficionados will appreciate.

13 FishingLengthWeightDepth
Flatty Daddy2.5"1/2oz3-6ft

Specifications and Features:

  • Depth: 3-6ft
  • Length: 2.5"
  • Weight: 1/2oz