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Zoom Frogs


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Designed to provide more bulk and a more violent noise than any other bait of this kind, the new Zoom Frog is the ultimate buzzing style frog. It features two large paddle feet that kick and produce a tremendous amount of water disturbance, which leaves behind an enticing bubble trail and creates a very unique sound. Another key feature of the Zoom Frog is that it floats, allowing anglers to now stop over holes in vegetation, or pause the retrieve when a fish short strike, giving them some time to comeback for another assault.

Made from super durable rubber that helps deliver maximum action, its soft plastic construction also allows it to stretch when a fish strikes and not tear to increase its the longevity. Available in a range of universally accepted colors, the Zoom Frog is unlike any other soft-bodied frog on the market and will help anglers be more versatile.