Victorinox Rambler Swiss Army Knives Closed Length: 2.25


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Product Description

Victorinox Rambler Swiss Army Knife 54031 is the perfect, simple pocket knife for your basic needs. You may not require all of the multiple tools other Victorinox pocket knives carry. Victorinox Rambler 5 4031 Swiss Army knives are strong, durable and built to last. The Rambler Swiss Army knife has a simple and easy to use small blade to open boxes and cut straps. The Victorinox Rambler 5-4031 is also a wonderful pocket knife for cutting paper and tape for gifts. Loosen and tighten screws or give yourself a quick manicure. Victorinox are great tools to keep by your side.

Specifications and Features:

  • Tools
  • key ring
  • toothpick
  • tweezers
  • small blade
  • bottle opener
  • Phillips screwdriver 0/1, magnetic
  • wire stripper
  • nail file
  • screwdriver 2.5 mm
  • scissors

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.