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Strike King Pro Model Series 1 Crankbaits


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All Pro-Model crankbaits feature lifelike 3-D eyes and free floating rattles.

Strike King Series 1 A small, shallow diver with high buoyancy, the Series 1 is designed to be thrown around heavy cover. The square lip design makes it excellent for deflecting off of cover and triggering reaction strikes.

Strike King Series 4s runs a foot shallower the the Series 1 and has a unique wide wobble action that drives fish crazy. This crank is excellent for fishing in and around heavy cover especially in stained water where most anglers like to throw spinnerbaits. The Series will often allow you to catch big fish right behind the guy throwing a blade.

Strike KingLengthWeightDepthClassHook
Pro Model 12"1/4oz2-5ftFloating#4
Pro Model 4S2.5"3/8oz2-4ftFloating#6