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Revenge Buzz Baits


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If you like throwing buzzbaits you'll love the Revenge Buzzbait. This bait has been designed by a master and displays thoughtful, useful features that will help you catch fish. The single delta blades of the Revenge Buzzbait turn easily to give maximum churning and plenty of bubbles thanks to the holes drilled on each side. The wire is the right diameter and bent correctly to help this bait get through grass and other obstructions. The down bend at the head will put the hook right where you want it; in the fish's face every time. The long, streamlined head will slip through heavy cover easily and the realistic detail, including the bright 3D eyes, will look good to any bass and get them to commit every time. Long, flowing silicon skirts cover the round bend Mustad UltraPoint hook. The head extends back on the shank of the hook, providing a bait keeper to keep any plastic or pork trailer in place, even in heavy cover. Don't let the big one get away; get Revenge!


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