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Rapala Ripstop Deep Jerkbaits


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Delivering all of the fast-ripping, hard-stopping action of the original, the Rapala Ripstop Deep Jerkbait allows anglers to fully utilize the effectiveness of the Ripstop action with a deeper diving package. Made to reach 4-8ft., the Rapala Ripstop Deep Jerkbaits feature a patent-pending boot tail design that causes the bait to stop on a dime, perfectly imitating the action of a stunned or wounded baitfish.

Lethal with a wide range of cadences, the Rapala Ripsotp Deep Jerkbait produces a subtle shimmy before coming to a rest, then ever so slightly lifts its head with a super-slow rise. Backed by a trio of VMC 1X black nickel trebles, the Rapala Ripstop Deep Jerkbaits deliver a deep-diving, one of a kind action that will "stop" big fish dead in their tracks.

Ripstop Deep 93-1/2""1/4oz5-6ft
Ripstop Deep 124-3/4"9/16oz4-8ft

Specifications and Features:

  • Buoyancy: Suspending
  • Max Diving Depth: 6 Feet
  • Product Model: RipStop Deep 9
  • Species: Bass
  • Weight: 1/4 Ounce