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Megabass I Slide 135


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Please read the note below the description regarding the bait's sink rate.

The Megabass I Slide 135 delivers the same deadly swimming action as its big brother, the I Slide 185, now in a smaller, more palatable offering. Precision engineered and loaded with advanced technology like all Megabass lures, the Megabass I Slide 135 swims with a smooth S-motion action, punctuated by sharp kick turns imparted with every twitch of the rod. Also capable of full 360-degree turns thanks to the combination of its MagHold System (pat.p.) and asymmetric weight balancer design. When predators begin to follow, the I Slide 135's signature action allows it to quickly disappear from fish's eyesight then return right in front of its face to trigger a reaction strike.

The I Slide 135's advanced MagHold System (pat.p.) also helps greatly improve its action, as well as its lifelike appearance and hookup ratio by keeping the hooks flush against the center of the I Slide's belly. It features a newly designed under body hook channel and improved magnetic system that keeps the hooks centered and secure. The proof is in how it fishes, the Megabass I Slide 135 attracts big bites - bottom line.

*Tuned for slow sinking between 50-60F water temperature. Suspend rate changes with water temperature. Adjustable by replacing hook/split rings if necessary.

Swivels, Snaps, & Split Rings

I Slide 1355-1/4"1-oz*See Note Below

Specifications and Features:

  • Length: 5-1/4"
  • Weight: 1-oz